How to reach millions in one single go!

NBC and CBS are leading networks that offer news articles to readers worldwide.
Readers can find articles on topics such as politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and business
news on these well-known media outlets.

Press releases or articles expressed through media outlets let your target audiences know more
about your products or services.

Whether you want to announce your business website, a blog, a product, a service, any music
event, a charity dinner, or launch your exclusive app, a book, a Kickstarter campaign, etc.—Luna
Publication gives you an ideal space where you can get your announcement articles written to
generate immediate exposure.
Since NBC and CBS already have a large following of dedicated readers and organic followers,
this is an excellent approach to generate initial traction for your website, service, or product.
We help you distribute a polished, well-written release, which is extremely useful for giving your
brand that initial boost in visibility so that customers learn about you and what you have to
offer them right away, increasing your sales directly.
And as we all know, when the name of any business or brand is directly affirmed through a
famous news source eagerly raising awareness about a service, it boosts credibility. It
establishes a positive reputation for your service or product.

What we Offer:
Once you place the order, one of our team members will contact you within 24 hrs. for all the
details we need regarding the Press release about your business, brand, or product.

Our Main features:

  • Guaranteed Article on Tier 1 News Channels with professional copywriting.
  • Distributing your press release to Tier 1 News Channels + up to 500 different media outlets.
  • Direct Links to Your Business / Brand / Website on the articles.
  • Anchor Links
  • Keywords for SEO
  • Backlinks for SEO
  • A comprehensive distribution report and analytics
  • Swift turnaround time

NOTE: Tier 1 includes FOX – ABC – NBC – CBS. We don’t offer adult, gambling or pharmaceutical sites service.

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