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Luna Publication has swiftly established itself as a service that organizations turn to when they need to
reach the media, stakeholders, and the online news-seeking public with their news.
Both individuals looking for breaking news and those with breaking news to share can use our services.
Now, you may upload your information into the stream of recent breaking news daily.
Global and diversified, our clients all share the same objectives—efficiency, productivity, effectiveness,
and value.
We are a press release distribution company. We write expert articles using the
information you provide. It’s all about you!
We then post this exciting article on the websites of major media organizations like ABC, NBC, CBS and
many others. They post your article on their website in exchange for the credit you are entitled to.
We have a team of highly skilled and experienced writers who provide engaging and newsworthy
text—having powerhouse networks like NBC, CBS, Market Watch, and Telemundo Network on board
gives us an upper hand in publishing your work for an incredible press release.
We envision a central hub where news can be filtered from tens of thousands of sources as the future of
news distribution.
Luna Publications is one of the most cutting-edge key sources for communication professionals whose
time is valuable.

Customer Testimonial
It's honestly insane how cool it was... I gave them my social media account and they reviewed it and wrote an amazing article about my brand. Then published it to huge media sites. Happy with the traffic we got and will order again!

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Customer Testimonial
I launched my business and so thankful these guys. The kick starter PR really helped me get the establishment and traffic needed. When we release a new products I will be using you again.
A+++ with 5 stars


We introduced additional benefits of the luna publication.

To begin with, it can have a very positive effect on search engine rankings of your website. Links from high-quality sites, such as those that your release is published on, signal to search engines that your website is a credible resource.

Basically, another site is prepared to send their readers to yours indicates that there is some trust involved. And when you consider it from the search engines perspective, that makes perfect sense; two sites with a similar offering but one is mentioned on respected sites? That’s going to be the one with a higher page ranking. In understanding why these other sites would link to you, it’s essential to consider what a well-written press release should focus on. It isn’t a sales pitch; it’s not talking about the special offers you have on or even what services you offer.

What it does do is provide an informative narrative and signals towards information that people genuinely want to hear about. So that means that you could include content that discusses new ways of doing things in the sector, it might be to remind clients of new legislation or best practices. 

LunaPublication could also provide information on new hires and promotions, both of which give a very positive message to both current and new clients. That’s why it’s so important to us that we get the right content for each of our clients to ensure that we create the enormous benefits that come from achieving engagement.

The luna publication doesn’t only benefit the business. They also provide a source of useful information for their clients that enables them to quickly and easily keep up to date with what’s happening in your organization and business sector. This, in turn, means that you begin to interact without what may be perceived as a constant pressure to sign on the dotted line. And when they are ready to place their order, you can be sure that they’ll head towards the company with whom they’ve developed that trustworthy and informative relationship. 

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